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🌲 I'll be posting a full preview of the item listings by Friday evening. During the preview, each item will be marked as SOLD OUT, so I can show you all the details without pieces being available for purchase yet.

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🌲 I do offer international shipping as well as local pickup. If you're a Bellingham local, select 'local pickup' at checkout to waive shipping costs. Then I'll send you an email to coordinate a time you can come by my Ohio Street Studio and pick up your order!

🌲 Thank you so much, as always, for your support. You all are the reason I get to spend my days playing with clay, and I couldn't be more grateful. I hope you enjoy this new work!

Collection: Wedding Registries

If you are interested in adding made-to-order handmade pottery to your wedding registry, please contact me about a custom wedding registry.

We work on the design of the pieces you'd like together, and then they are uploaded to my online shop under a special Wedding Registry category with your names, easily linkable to your personal registry website!

All wedding registry pieces are made to order, and shipped to the couple when complete, usually within a couple of months. 


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