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Ayla Mullen Ceramics

Ayla Mullen Ceramics Gift Certificate

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Want to gift someone in your life a piece of pottery, but allow them the freedom to choose what they like best? Give them a gift certificate, which they can redeem for anything in my online shop.


Gift cards work seamlessly like any other form of payment when checking out of my online shop, so customers can use them to participate in my shop updates without any disadvantages. Gift Certificates can be used over the course of multiple purchases. 


What could an Ayla Mullen Ceramics Gift Certificate purchase? (these denomination estimates do not cover the cost of shipping, which ranges from $8 to $25 depending on the size and weight of the purchase and how far away from Washington State the recipient lives)


$65 would purchase a mug, tumbler, or bud vase

$75 would purchase an oil bottle, sugar jar, creamer, plate, or ramen bowl

$100 would cover the cost of a butter dish, hanging planter, pie plate, utensil holder or mortar and pestle set

$125 would purchase an inlaid vase or a set of two mugs

$175 would purchase an inlaid pitcher or a large serving bowl, or a few other smaller items.

$250 would purchase a set of 4 mugs or bowls, a wine set, or a statement piece like a hand-carved poppy pitcher or large serving platter.



Materials & Process

Stoneware Clay, Food Safe Glaze, fired to 2400* F in a Gas Reduction Kiln

Care information

All pieces are food safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe, and can be used in the oven.

When using pottery in the kitchen, the key to longevity is avoiding temperature shocks, for example taking a bowl out of the fridge and putting it straight into the microwave or oven.

When using pottery in the oven, place the room temperature dish in a cold oven and heat it up with the oven. When pulling hot dishes out of the oven, beware of setting them on a wet surface.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you should enjoy a lifetime of use from my pottery.